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Home Inspection Overview

A Home Inspection is a professional, unbiased opinion based on a visual inspection and evaluation of the home's many systems and components. A complete home inspection will attempt to reveal any defects in the home's systems or structure.  The inspection is often done as part of a Real Estate transaction, however it can be done anytime. The inspection focuses on the performance of the home rather than any cosmetic, code, or design issues.

An inspection can be performed for buyers of an existing single family home, sellers of an existing family home, buyers of new construction homes, banks, investors, and buyers of multi-family properties.

HomeSpec Minnesota uses the web based Horizon reporting system to review over 400 items in the home from the roof to the basement. The inspection and report help provide our clients with the information they need to make an informed buying decision. 

HomeSpec Minnesota's reporting system also includes a Home Reference book to help the homeowner understand how their home works, what wears out, and important maintenance suggestions.

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